A short but productive week (Week 5)

Old 5 inch floor boards

A short but productive week.  That's the best way to describe it. It rained half the day on Monday and all day on Tuesday, forcing our crew to shut down work and head home.  On Friday, John, our foreman, had to take the day off to prep food and pack for a family reunion that weekend. Rather than working at the jobsite Friday, Mark and I decided to work on some projects around our home that needed to get done. I continued cleaning beadboard for my bookshelf project.  It must get done so … [Read more...]

Taking Down the Old Place in Crockett

Siding removed from side of house

We are making very good progress with our Crockett project that we started in early January. The first step we take on any old home demo project is to remove all of the interior finishes (such as carpet, trim, drywall, and wallpaper) as well as the windows and interior doors. Removing drywall and wallpaper is easy and kind of fun. But, it's an incredibly filthy job. I've learned to hold my breath and close my eyes to prevent dirt, cobwebs, and who-knows-what-else from landing in my … [Read more...]