Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites - Living Vintage - November 22

To say this week has been busy would be a huge understatement.

Our Christmas giveaway is ending tonight.  Rather than publishing new posts this week, I spent my free blogging time this week telling you more about the 28 sponsors.     I’m glad I did that and hopefully, you enjoyed what I picked out to share with you and took a stroll and checked out the shops more thoroughly.

Winners will be announced this weekend!  I can’t wait!

We also finished our salvage project in Crockett yesterday(!!), and I’ll be sharing the story with photos next week.

That’s the plan anyway.

Until then, please do have a cozy and wonderful weekend!

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this little cutie pie - featured on Friday Favorites - Living VintageI wonder if you’ll fall in love with this cutie pie like I did?

handmade birds - featured on Friday Favorites - Living VintageNeed a Christmas present for a bird lover?  These beautiful birds are handmade from recycled 55-gallon oil drums using only a hammer and chisel and sell for just $28 a pair.

a little writer's cabin - featured on Living Vintage's Friday FavoritesI love this little writer’s cabin with its white walls and rustic floors, don’t you?  Wouldn’t we all like to have a separate work space to call our own?    By the way, you can see more of Dave’s work here.

beautiful colors and textures - featured on Living Vintage's Friday FavoritesGod’s art is how I sometimes describe things like this beautiful seashell.

Regina Andrew Lighting Wood Bead Chandelier - featured on Friday Favorites - Living VintageI seem to have developed a liking for beads (since I shared a beaded thing not too long ago), but I can’t resist sharing this rustic, beaded beauty.

The Home Store in Amersterdam - featured on Friday Favorites - Living VintagThere’s not one thing I dislike about this photo of a shop in Amsterdam (shot by Paulina Arcklin), but I had to choose two favorite things, it would be the reclaimed wood wall (no great shock there) and the wire pendant lights.

Smalley's Animal Hospital - featured on Friday Favorites - Living VintageMy jaw dropped when I saw this old sign.  I would love to own it.    It would hang so beautifully in my living room, near my other dog collectibles!

carved table - featured on Living Vintage's Friday FavoritesConsidered rustic art, I often wonder at the people who choose to leave a permanent mark in carved tables like this.


  1. Love the birds and the Animal Hospital sign is fabulous. Thanks so much for sharing. Merry Christmas

  2. I’m in love with the sweet dog print, Kim! I’ve visited your Friday favorites before but haven’t commented. Your choices are wonderful!

    Do you know that you are listed as a “noreply” blogger? I wanted to reply to your comment, but because of your noreply status I can’t. I think when you join Google Plus, it defaults your setting. There are tutorials out there to change your status if you’re interested. That way if somebody wants to reply to your comment, they can do so right from their email. Just thought you’d like to know!

    • Vickie, I’m so happy you like what I pick out to share. Thanks for the feedback about Google Plus. I had no idea my settings were set that way, and I’ll try my best to figure out how to change that!

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