Friday Favorites #51

Friday Favorites - I was in the mood for blue this week.

I’ve got to say that I’m feeling a little bit blue this week . . . for several reasons.

First, I found out mid week that even though we led the contest the first couple of weeks, the monster blog Freshome (with over 1 million Facebook followers) is now in first place.  I’m afraid that David is not going to beat Goliath this time around.

Next, while preparing for future Friday Favorites posts, I received snippy emails from two bloggers.  One said “I have to say I don’t really understand your blog. Everything is ‘coming soon’.”   Seriously?   I know I’m behind (who isn’t?) but was there a reason to be so petty?  Another sounded quite perturbed that I would even suggest that I admired and wanted to feature one of her images.

(A side note:  I have to admit though that most people are extremely gracious, kind, and appreciative as I always, always am when someone offers to show my work to their audiences!)

Third, our clothes dryer died on Thursday.    Fortunately, my sweet husband offered to take two loads of wet clothes to the laundromat to dry them and we bought the extended service plan.  Fingers crossed, the repair will cost us nothing but time and inconvenience.

Fourth and most important reason:  I just like the color blue!  Do you?

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P.S.  Sorry to be such a downer.

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A Collector’s Paradise

Marburger Farm Antique Show is a collector's paradise.  Come see some of the collections I spotted at the 2014 Fall show.

I believe most people either collect decorative things or they just don’t.  However, if you frequent antique shows, I think that percentage goes up to about 95%.  OK, so admittedly, this is a totally unscientific opinion.

What I can say absolutely, positively is this:  if you’re a collector like me, you’ll love Marburger Farm Antique Show.

Here are some collections that I spotted at last year’s Fall show that are near and dear to my own heart . . . and perhaps yours?

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Mater in Real Life

_MG_0862 with texture

Do you know Mater in the movie, Cars? Well, we spotted him recently, hanging out in Texas. He apparently likes the parking lot at Isaacs Wrecker Service. I thought your kids or grandkids might like to know. P.S.  Oh, the Cars movie image above?  It’s a free download.

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Friday Favorites #50

Friday Favorites 50 - Living Vintage

The past few weeks have gone like this:  rain, rain, rain, sun, rain, rain, rain (repeat). Flooding here has been incredible but (fortunately) limited to the areas immediately surrounding the rivers and lakes.  Too, it’s starting to look a lot like Spring; thus, it’s time for a GREEN Friday Favorites. Enjoy!

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