A Happy Ending

I could not be more delighted to tell you that we found a new home for Scraps.  Our friend, Shannon, was visiting from Portland and she fell in love almost immediately with Scraps.

Her family had been looking for a dog to join their family after the death of their beloved dog two years ago.    They had tried to adopt another dog from a shelter near their home, but had to return him when the dog could not be dissuaded from trying to kill their cats.

While she was visiting us she told us, without hesitation, that she’d adopt Scraps and fly him home to Portland IF he was good around cats.

We suspected that he would not care one lick about cats, being Mr. Laid Back, but of course, we immediately had him evaluated.  Mark took him by the Nacogodoches animal rescue one day and reported that Scraps had curiously stuck his head into a box of kittens, and while they hissed and fussed, Scraps backed off and started sniffing elsewhere.

Since then, we took him to the vet where he was evaluated.  While there, the adult cat in residence was more interested in Scraps than Scraps was in her.

Oh, and speaking of the vet visit, Scraps was diagnosed with two types of intestinal worms, and he’s heartworm positive.  All of the above ailments are curable, but not without significant expense.  This news did not dissuade Shannon from wanting to adopt Scraps.  (She’s an angel!)

Before Shannon left, she wanted to give him a bath.  He was a little scared of the hose and the hissing sound it made, but once he got used to that, he did just fine!

Shannon and Scraps

Shannon and Scraps

scraps 3

Shannon is supposed to fly Scraps to Portland in the next several days.  It will be sad to see him go — he really is such a good dog!   But, I know in my heart that he’s going to a a wonderful home where he will be loved and cared for the rest of his days.   Indeed, Shannon plans to make Scraps an inside dog with his own cushy bed, plus he will have his own little boy to play with!  Can you just imagine Scraps’ delight?

For now, I wanted to share with you a few photos of how much better Scraps looks now that he’s been well-fed every day and gotten some love and attention.

He made a bed right outside of our bedroom window where he slept peacefully.


We gave him plenty of affection — easy to do when you’re getting so much in return.






I couldn’t have asked for a happier ending.

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Our Laundry Room Renovation

We’re nearing completion of our laundry room, but before I share the reveal photos with you, I wanted to show you what we’ve done so far.

Before I begin, let me tell you that I could never get motivated to renovate this room.  I think it’s because the room gets zero natural light, and it always felt like a dark hole.  For that reason, it has never been a room that I wanted to spend much time in, so when my husband said he wanted to clad the walls in a certain type of reclaimed wood, I was like, “Sure!  Whatever.”

It’s interesting how that vision, a laundry room I spotted in a magazine, and my vintage laundry collectibles all blended together to completely transform that room!

But, I’m getting ahead of myself, aren’t I.

Let me back up.  Way up.

When we first bought our house, the square footage that is now our current large laundry room was very odd.  It was literally a room with a narrow hallway which led to the one and only bathroom, another hallway that led to the master bedroom, and yet another third hallway that led to the guest room.   Those three hallways were surrounded by three closets.  The square footage was so broken up, it was just silly.  I mean, why have three hallways in a room when the dogtrot is the hallway?   Definitely a very Bad Interior Design Decision made by one of the prior homeowners.

So, one of the first things we did after we bought our place was tear down all of the closets to make one large room.   We also reconfigured the bathroom space and one closet to create our master bathroom and a guest bathroom (which I’ve still never shown you.  I’ll remedy that.)

The narrow hallway which led to the original (and only) bathroom.  Two closets are on the right and the third is on the left.

The narrow hallway which led to the original (and only) bathroom. Two closets are on the right and the third is on the left.

One closet that was used for the washer/dryer hookups.

This was one of the three closets that was used for the washer/dryer hookups.  I guess you could call it the prior laundry room, although it’s really not a “room”.

We tore down the two closets on the right.  The third closet on the left (not pictured) is used to store our water heater and freezer.

We tore down the two closets on the right. The third closet on the left (not pictured) is used to store our water heater and freezer.

This is the hallway that led to the guest bedroom.  We closed up this doorway.

This is the hallway that led to the guest bedroom. We closed up this doorway.


After we did the demo work, we installed washer/dryer connections and used the room like that for a few years.    Mark made me two cabinets this year but that was about the extent of our work in our laundry room.

Until recently.

The first thing we decided to do was paint the hardwood floors.    It took me awhile to make that decision.  Although I love painted floors I’ve seen in magazines, I’ve never had the nerve to paint hardwood floors before.

But, we finally made the decision to paint them.  We had two good reasons for making the decision:

1.  The floors had uneven staining on them due to the existence of the previous two closets, and

2.  We knew that painting the floors a light color would make the room lighter and brighter, a plus in my eyes.

So, we bought the paint, and I scuffed the floors with a sander to ensure that the new paint would stick to the floors.


This is what they looked like when I was done.


After that, my husband, Mark, and our friend, John, started hanging reclaimed tin on the walls as wainscoting.



Next was Mark’s bright idea I mentioned above.   He wanted the laundry room to look like it was an enclosed back porch.  Remember the stack of reclaimed siding I showed you about a month ago?    We installed that above the tin.



So clever of him, don’t you think?

After the siding was nailed up, I slathered it with polyurethane to prevent the paint from flaking off any more.



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